New President for WRC Timber

Forest Industry legend Frank Dottori passes the baton to Tony Wyszkowski.

Tony Wyszkowski has been appointed as President of WRC Timber.

Known as a calm and thoughtful leader, Tony has extensive experience managing $200M businesses with 600+ employees across North America. Well-versed in industrial environments, it was Tony’s dedication to improving the bottom line and affecting positive culture change that set him above other candidates.

Tony emigrated from South Africa more than 20 years ago, where he was born and raised, attended university, became a mechanical engineer, and began his career in management.

He credits his success to the people around him and believes that one of his key strengths is in building trust through open communication. His entrepreneurial spirit, work ethic, vast experience with Fortune 250 companies, and leadership qualities are sure to put White River Forest Products GP, Hornepayne Lumber GP, and Hornepayne Power Inc., on track to becoming more effective organizations able to prosper throughout the economic cycle.

Tony officially begins work January 2. His first goal is to connect with the team over the coming weeks, seeking employees’ input and ideas.

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